it’s happening!

Wow!! That’s the only word that could describe the outpouring of love and well wishes that have been received! Darren and I are so grateful and blessed for every single one of them! I knew I needed to update my blog, but I really wanted to announce our great news and I couldn’t wait until I got back into town on Sunday. So, I decided to spill the beans Friday and give all the details in a blog post. 

In case you missed the Facebook photo, here it is: 

 We. Are. PREGNANT!!!

We just entered our 13th week so that puts Baby Hill here by January 16! Right around the time of our nephew’s birthday, Darren’s birthday, my mom’s birthday, and Darren’s step-brother’s birthday. Oh, and how could I forget. Hunting season! January is gone to be a wild month! Only to be followed by a string of birthdays in February! 

Darren and I transferred two little embryos back on May 1. Three days later, I started feeling a certain backache that I only felt when I was pregnant with a little tiredness. So I ran home and took a test. (It was wayyy to early to test at this point, but I’m impatient and no one was going to convince me other wise.) I got a light, light positive! I tested everyday there on out, sometimes multiple times a day to watch the line get darker. I must have spent $50+ on pregnancy tests! I know I was driving Darren crazy asking him to stare at my pee sticks. On May 11 was my beta draw. For the past two pregnancies my beta has always been horribly low so I was expecting the same this go around. When the nurse called and told me my beta was 475, all I could say was “shut up!” repeatedly. Two days later, I went in for my second beta and it had already skyrocketed to 1,287, which is amazing! (Anyone going through infertility or understand betas will get those numbers, but if you haven’t just know it’s awesome!) Darren and I have been hiding this little secret since May and it has been the hardest kept secret that we kept from everyone. Not even our immediate family knew. 

We have been monitored closely by Dr. Webster. We had a scare at 5 weeks. So that week started our weekly ultrasound trips. By 7 weeks, we had heard and seen the heartbeat multiple times so we felt comfortable to tell our immediate families! By week 8 on, everything was just awesome!  

 8 week

  9 week

  10 week

  11 week

At our 11 week visit, Dr. Webster basically kicked us out of his care. (Not really how it went down but that’s what it felt like!) I cannot praise him and his staff enough. They are the most caring and loving people. It was hard to leave but I’ll be waddling myself up there when I make OB visits.

So Friday we saw my OB. I was super nervous and my anxiety was through the roof. The ultrasound tech was able to put my nerves at ease and talked me through the ultrasound. Baby’s heart rate was in the high 160’s and he/she looks absolutely perfect! The past few ultrasounds we’ve had we’ve noticed that this baby is ACTIVE! Guess I need to sleep all I can now! Now, I’m a regular pregnant woman, no weekly ultrasounds. To be totally honest, that stinks! 

I have to praise my husband! I have been lazy, exhausted, grouchy, and sick and he has only complained, just once. I don’t blame him one bit. But if I were him, I would have lost my cool on myself a long time ago. This is new to both of us. And he has been amazing. When I need to just lay on the couch because I’m tired or just nauseous, he’ll handle everything around the house. If I have a weird Coke icee craving or a cheese fry from G & J’s craving, he gets his keys and we ride. No questions asked. (Oh, now I know what I want for supper!) I truly have the best husband and Baby Hill has the best daddy. Holding our baby for the first time is one thing I cannot wait for. But seeing our baby with it’s daddy is another that’s on the top of my list. Especially if it’s a girl, I know that little girl will turn him to mush. 

To anyone struggling through infertility, keep on pushing through. I never thought this day would come for us. Darren and I have prayed for this moment for as long as I can remember. We prayed fervently. This road of infertility is exhausting, emotional, and painful. But it’s such an rewarding journey in the end. Don’t give up! God knows what he’s doing. Leave it up to Him and believe in Him. 

Darren and I thank you all for the well wishes! We plan to keep you up-to-date on things as we progress.



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