Round 2 (hopefully)

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site. Life has been hectic, to say the least.

March 3, I officially became a stay-at-home mom which has proven to be the hardest job yet. Definitely the most rewarding! Our office got laid off. We knew it was coming, it was just a matter of when. 

Audrey is growing like a weed. She’s running, climbing, non-stop, bossy, sassy,and  pretty darn headstrong. She’s the most amazing thing ever! We’re having tons of fun with her. She loves to be outside and tends to throw fits when Belle goes outside and she can’t. She definitely keeps us on our toes. She loves her weekly play dates with her buddies. (And momma enjoys the momma time too)

Darren and I always said we wanted to expand our family when Audrey was a year to a year and a half. Given our past, conceiving naturally doesn’t look promising. (1%) Our RE retired in December 2015. We took our time consulting with our RE’s. When we had found the one we wanted to use, things just sort of took of. 

We are currently doing paperwork and waiting to meet with a notary to sign consents on a FET (and IVF, if it would come down to that again) and getting our embryos from Texas to NOLA. It’s really exciting and nerve-wracking to start the process again.

It brings a lot of emotions up that had been hidden for so long. I had my miracle baby and we just focused on raising her and loving her. I knew we would be talking about trying for baby #2. Then, all the fears came rising to the top. Darren and I’s body don’t work like they’re supposed to. I’m scared to miscarry, I’m scared to fail, I’m scared that I may not be able to have another baby. I want Audrey to have a sibling(s). The “what ifs” that I had trying to have my first baby reappear this time around. I’m incredibly grateful for my beautiful girl. But my heart is still longing for more babies in my arms. I feel guilty for saying that because some people are still waiting for their first as I’m asking God for my second.

I don’t know how much of this journey I’ll share. We have no dates set in stone. We’re still going through a ton of paperwork and paying a butt load of money just to get our embryos to their new home. But I was an open book on our journey the first go around so I don’t want to just dust everything under the rug. This blog was really an outlet for me to put my feelings out there. Being so open the first time has brought a friend back into my life that has gotten some pretty life changing news about her and her husband’s journey to expanding their family. I hope I have been able to help her in some way. She has blessed me tremendously with her kind words and prayers. I’m glad we have each other to walk hand-in-hand with as we navigate this chapter of our lives. 

Please keep myself and family in your prayers during this time. Also, pray for those who are still longing for their babies.


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